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Project 6GR Wheels

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The idea behind "Project 6GR" was to take over a year of experience in custom tailoring well over 500 Mustang fitments and working with a wide range of owners who all had their own specific wheel setups in mind.

The wheel fitment will uttilize either a 19x10 or 20x10 front with 35mm offset and 19x11 or 20x11 with 50mm.  This setup will clear all brake applications including teh GT Performance Package (GTPP).  Project 6GR wheels are designed with your Mustand in mind.  Designed with compatibility in mind, Project 6GR wheels are hub centric, comparible with your factory TPMS (tyre pressuring monitoring system) and accept your factory centre caps.

Project 6GR takes homage from one of the most beautiful automotive masterpieces to ever hit the streets.  Newly released to also include the Mustang S550, Ford Focus RS and some Mercedes models, these wheels are now available in Seven and Five bold and prominent spokes in this simple yet masculine design.

The mission behind Project 6GR is simple .. Increase Performance .. Decrease Mass .. and look Badass while doing it.

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